Upper Crust Bakery Logos
Upper Crust Bakery stationary mockup
Upper Crust Bakery streetsign mockup
Upper Crust Bakery storefront mockup

Upper Crust Bakery

Student Project | Logo Design | Branding

For this student project, the fictional bakery Upper Crust Bakery was in need of a new logo as well as business cards and stationary. The client brief revealed that the company had a long history with French Baking, and would like that incorporated into a brand with a modern color palette that appeals to a wide target audience of people 30 - 60 years in age

I created several rough sketches and mockups, and after peer critiques from my professor and classmates, I refined the logo to its current form. What resulted was a logo with clean lines, modern typography, colors that let you practically taste the baked goods, and a baked bread graphic element that put the enticing aroma of the bakery in visual form.

The logo was expanded to a larger brand for the bakery. The subtle vertical pink stripes are used as background for print collateral, as well as incorporated into the storefront mockup. The shape of the logo itself harkens to store signs from old Europe, and the fleur-de-lis at the bottom harkens to the bakery’s French roots. The individual elements of the logo are recombined for the print collateral; the bread graphic and vertical stripes are repeated throughout, reinforcing the brand.