TOWN menu design mockup
TOWN table tent design mockup
TOWN trifold design mockup

TOWN Chinese Restaurant

Student Project | Print Design | Branding

This student project came with a detailed client brief as well as an already created branding guide: TOWN Chinese Restaurant. As a student I was tasked with creating a menu, table-tent and tri-fold brochure for the high end restaurant that was focused on the quality food and the unique experiential dining experience.

With their mission statement in mind, and utilizing TOWN’s branding guidelines that include the logo, fonts, and colors, I created these pieces that felt like a unified brand that spoke to TOWN’s target audience of upper-middle class clientele. The biggest task was using color and typographical hierarchy to engage the user and make navigating the information in an intuitive way for a great user experience while maintaining the brand. Design elements are present in the placement and weight of simple lines, the stone texture that is repeated throughout. These elements all combine to create a unified set of print designs that work in tandem with the brand’s identity.