A bright orange temple in Kyoto, Japan
Rowhouses with grafitti in San Francisco
Wooden Cyclone rollercoaster at Coney Island New York
Nathan's Hot Dog neon sign in Coney Island New York
Mary's Club storefron neon sign in Portland Oregon
House with a banner out front that says Resiste in Barcelona Spain
Entrance to the Houston Street Subway stop in New York
Grafittied alleyway with Obama HOPE poster in New York
Front of the Chelsea Hotel in New York
Wonder Wheel at Coney Island in New York
The red windmill lit up at night for the Moulon Rouge in Paris
Brightly lit neon Avalon Theatre sign at dusk
Neon lit Folies Pigalle sign in Paris
Grafittied garage with a bycicle in Amsterdam
Grafittied garage with a bycicle in Amsterdam


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