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This is a complete brand manual that I created after the marketing director and I worked with an independent branding company to refresh the brand in 2021. I played a critical role in making design decisions that came from studying our target audience(s). From there, I used InDesign to create the complete branding bible. I took the photos contained and edited them in Photoshop for inclusion in the brand bible, as well as wrote the copy contained within. I fully took advantage of InDesign’s layout tools, including creating master pages, and dynamic page numbering. Using the guidelines of the newly refreshed brand, I paid close attention to typographical hierarchy when opting for headline, subheader, and body copy fonts. I used proper white-space to ensure balance and readability throughout. What resulted is the most complete branding I have ever done as a graphic designer.

In it is contained a cross-section of the variety of work I did for Al’s. The “Our Collateral” section shows our letterhead, envelope and business cards, all designed by me, as well as our printed Growing Guides and notepads. The “Store Signage” section shows the various store signage that I completed on a regular basis, from simple price signs, to larger 4ft x 8ft roadside advertisements. Also included are various table directionals, and hanging banners for large ad campaigns. After the brand refresh, I had to recreate almost all of these signs, designing fresh templates in InDesign in order to make the day to day workflow easier and to keep consistent branding. The brand bible shows our apparel and truck wraps - although a few are older designs as we navigated the transition from old to new. The “Al’s Garden + Home on the Web” section showcases my work as a web and digital designer. The website I created with the Joomla CMS was rebranded and is reflected here. Homepage rotators and the layout of our active blog is shown, all of which was part of my design experience. It also shows how I designed weekly promotional newsletters through Mailchimp, and how the brand was reflected on social media - although those were handled by a dedicated social media person on our marketing team, the graphics contained were created by me, and was collaboratively available through our knowledge of the Adobe Creative Cloud and the use of Libraries to share design content.